birds in our yard and in our neighborhood, Randall MN

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Red-breasted Nuthatch 09/21/07
Red-breasted Nuthatch
a Sandhill Crane family
a Sandhill Crane family
Pine Siskins! (with Goldfinch), Oct 12, 2007
Pine Siskins! (with Goldfinch)
Wood Ducks in our pond, 9/16/07
Wood Ducks in our pond
a female Hummingbird,9/17/2007
a female Hummingbird
White Breasted Nuthatch, 9/16/2007
White Breasted Nuthatch
a Chickadee on the post, 9/16/2007
a Chickadee on the post
Purple Finch family, 9/22/2007
Purple Finch family
late season Bluebirds, 9/17/2007
late season Bluebirds
a group of Goldfinch,  9/16/2007
a group of Goldfinch
Big Red, 9/17/2007
Big Red
a late Phoebe.], 9/16/2007
a late Phoebe
Red-bellied Woodpecker, 9/22/07
Red-bellied Woodpecker