birds in our yard and in our neighborhood, Randall MN

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male Purple Finch at our window feeder. 4/28/08
male House Finch
a Tree Swallow flock, 5/03/08/2007
a Tree Swallow flock
a Bluebird ready for his closeup, 4/17/08
a Bluebird ready for his closeup
a Grackle with a Junco, 04/09/08
a Grackle with a Junco
a group of Yellow-rumped Warblers,5/12/08
a group of Yellow-rumped Warblers
active Goldfinch, 05/10/08
active Goldfinch
a Chipping Sparrow, 4/28/08
a Chipping Sparrow
a Red-winged Blackbird, 04/20/2008
a Red-winged Blackbird
a Downy Woodpecker, 04/20/2008
a Downy Woodpecker
Song Sparrows in late April, 4/27/08
Song Sparrows in late April
a Yellow-rumped Warbler on our patio,  05/12/08
a Yellow-rumped Warbler
a male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, 5/04/08
a Rose-breasted Grosbeak
a Fox Sparrow in early April, 04/11/08
a Fox Sparrow in early April